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Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

Enjoy a sparkling clean pool with minimum effort & hassle with a DOLPHIN Robotic Pool Cleaner.

SAVE POWER:  Robots operate and filter inside the pool.  They are completely independent of the pool's main filtration system.  The great benefit of this is that water does not have to be pumped through 20m of piping through bends, elbows, etc. just to get filtered.  The water is filtered in the pool.  Independent studies by Electrical Companies have shown that annual savings can be R3000 per annum (even after running cost of a Robot is taken into account).

SAVE WATER:  Robots remove the debris from the system.  This in turn means that the main pool filter unit does not become clogged as quickly, which results in fewer backwashes.  You can reduce backwashing by up to 50% when using Robots compared to all other cleaning methods.

SAVE CHEMICALS:  Robots help to reduce chemical requirements.  In South Africa the vast majority of pools have suction cleaners that are permanently in the pool and connected.  In this circumstance, the skimmer is completely ineffective - the result is that all debris landing on the surface must slowly go through the water, making the water cloudier but also requiring chemicals to control.  When a robot is used the pool's skimmer starts working again!  Also by removing the debris rather than storing it in the pool's main filter the chemical load is reduced.